About Us

We are a new Canadian children’s book publishing company located in Southern Ontario. We have ties all across Canada and use a Canadian owned and operated printer for our book-binding. We have a strong Canadian and First Nations content and our Editor is Metis. Our company uses a printer that maintains good practices to limit environmental impact. Our illustrator is Canadian, and our website developer is a Canadian company as well – we choose our partners and contractors carefully.


Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

No but we will accept query outlines.

Do your authors do book-signing engagements?

Yes, these can be arranged by contacting the Editor via email.

Do you take steps to minimize environmental impact?

Yes, we use a book binding company that employs environmentally-positive practices, and we offer E-books for our entire catalogue. Our books are printed in Canada and the paper they are printed on are acid-free – all parts of the books are safely biodegradable.

Do you outsource any part of your company or the products?

No. We are proudly Canadian-owned and operated, we use a Canadian-owned and operated printer/book binder, our authors and illustrators are Canadians living in Canada, our phone company is Canadian-owned and operated, and the phones are answered here by us in Ontario!

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment, but there may be opportunities for another editor, social media director, and a receptionist in the near future.

Where can I buy or see your books?

You can buy directly from the website – we will ship the books anywhere in Canada. We will ship overseas as well but a separate charge will apply. We are in the process of meeting with the larger bookstores in Canada as well as smaller book stores and chains to carry the books. We are also meeting with multiple elementary schools, hospitals, public libraries, and family medicine practices around Ontario. You can also download the e-book versions of our catalogue by ordering from the website.

marigold about us


She is Metis, a Midwife, a Registered Nurse, a licensed Private Investigator, and also studied English at university. She has done academic editing, and has been a critical reader for decades. She decided to put her love of books and children, editorial skills, and entrepreneurial attitude to good use and start a company that was as Canadian as it could possibly be.


Victoria Douglas

Victoria was an adult fiction writer before switching to children’s fiction. She started writing children’s books in 2005 with the birth of her second goddaughter. Her Sophie series is an homage to all spunky little girls everywhere. Her main character Sophie is a creative, intelligent, compassionate little girl who inspires Victoria every day. Victoria lives in a small town in Ontario with a large extended family. She describes herself as a “dog person with no dog yet” and says that when she can be writing full time she will be getting a dog right away!

Miranda Peterson

Miranda started writing poetry at age 13 and has continued to write every day. She began writing children’s rhyming stories about 5 years ago and takes joy in the sounds of words while creating memorable characters. Miranda lives in the Toronto area and while she would like to be writing full time, she still works as a nurse.

S. Clara Leduc

Ms. Leduc is a private person who lives in Northern Ontario. Like the Editor, she is Metis, and has strong community ties. She has been writing since her early twenties and studied English out west in Calgary. She is currently working on a new book which has a young native girl as its main character. We look forward to many stories from her vivid, imagining pen in the years to come.

Nokomis Gravel

Nokomis means my grandmother in Ojibwa and this author definitely brings a wisdom to her work as she creates interesting characters rooted in the world of First Nations teaching. She has many children in her life and friends of all ages, and she draws on their and her own life experiences to bring colour and vibrancy to her stories.


Rene Daigle

René Daigle has drawn his whole life and is now able to make a living off of a passion. René has been working in the animation industry for the last 16 years. Now working as an art director by day, he illustrates at night.